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The Honorable Old West Lives On

I came to the Santa Ynez Valley in 1966, at 13 years of age. I saw storybook villages and majestic ranches, all ringed by mountains, like a cowboy’s Shangri-La. Nostalgic desperados held quick draw contests at high noon on Saturdays, at the swap meet down by the Maverick Saloon. The Valley was like the West […]

Broken Arrow Valley Hay Haulers

A day in the life of a hard working SYV hay crew: Broken Arrow, the movie.

Remembering Benjamin Harry Etling

Benjamin Harry Etling Sr. passed away peacefully Monday, September 28, 2020, at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara. Survivors include his sons Benjamin (Dianne),  Robert, William (Debra), and Bert (Laurel) Etling; granddaughters Lisa and Leah (Patrick) Etling McElearney; grandson Will (Abigail) Etling; and great-grandchildren Laurel Etling Socolow and Mercer and Rowan Etling. His beloved wife Marion […]

Woodstock Walk

Woodstock Ranch is home to horses large and small, squads of ground squirrels, and a forest of self-pruning oaks. From the clunky cattle guard to the highest hill, a true treat.

The Farmer Is The Man Who Feeds Us All

Green is gone, the flowers are fried, hay bales fill the fields, time to bring in the sheaves. There’s a tomb raider aspect to entering the vast shadowy spaces of a big barn, mysterious shafts of mote-speckled sunshine lighting warm, smooth wood, dusty antiques forgotten in the spider-webbed recesses. Crop circles aren’t from outer space, […]

“When That April, With Its Showers Soft”

Thank you Geoffrey Chaucer. We’re running ahead of merrie olde England’s flower sched, but looking good nevertheless. My favorite is the Buck Rogers space ship shaped shooting star.


A New England village forgotten by time. 

We Welcome Bibiana Bacon!

Bibiana ‘Bibi’ Bacon  has lived in the Santa Ynez Valley since 1997 and has been a licensed broker since 2003. Bibi graduated from Santa Barbara College of Law in 2001 and studied Property Law. She went on to earn her certification as a Resort and Second Home Property Specialist (RSPS) from the California Association of […]

Yosemite Calling

The Andivan rolled to the Sierras, about five hours away.

Beyond Bacara

I’ve talked about the Bacara Beach walk before here; today we see what lies beyond the pier. It takes a low tide to get there without wet feet. The coast opens out into a snug little bay, with the right slide called Naples breaking temptingly in the distance.